March 12, 2013

so, after a week of edith simultaneously teething and having roseola (who knew the latter was even a thing?) i suddenly remembered my uncle offering to put mark and i up in a hotel for a night. and suddenly decided to take him up on it.

my aspirations for the night were not grandiose – i basically wanted to sleep for 12 hours uninterrupted. but we had a pretty grandiose time nonetheless. we looked at an apartment, went to frontera, drank lots of margaritas and wine, and were in bed by 7:00. it. was. awesome.

we both woke up at 6 am, much to our chagrin (turns out edith has programmed us more than we realized) and found the effects of sleep to have a delusionary quality. mark likened it to 2 crack heads who had been clean for months and were suddenly given a bunch of crack. we were groggy and confused and just wanted more sleep. but we were also happy.

we were also lucky enough to score a free brunch at the restaurant attached to the hotel where i had the most fantastic veggie benedict ever known to man. and, lest i ever complain that my child is the reason i’m always covered in food, i will confess that i managed a glorious 3 step outfit destruction in which i:

1. covered my sleeve in hollandaise sauce while reaching across the table to eat some of mark’s food

2. then immediately managed to drop my fork which launched eggs all over the front of aforementioned shirt and

3. spread sleeve-hollandaise onto my jacket while attempting to wipe egg off the front of my shirt.

turns out edith is not the reason why mark never takes me anywhere fancy.


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