March 1, 2013

well, folks. i’ve done my best with winter.

i tried. really i did. i got myself all amped up for snow, worked to get my child all amped for snow. i decided to embrace soup (not literally). i checked out really big books from the library.

so the snow fell and fell some more and i was momentarily happy to have something to distract me from how f-ing cold it was. edith and i have been taking daily walks. we made snow angels (that is to say: she unintentionally made a snow angel while flailing on the ground after i thought it’d be nice to lie in the snow together). we ate snowflakes (that is to say: she inhaled a bunch of snowflakes while acting like she was drowning when the wind blew in her face).

but now the fun is over. edith is teething like crazy, has a cold (which may or may not be related to the snow fun i inflicted upon her) and we are trapped in an apartment where nobody is sleeping, the littlest of us has just learned to crawl, and nothing is baby-proof.

it kind of seems like a recipe for disaster.

that is until baby tylenol and a seed delivery saved the day!

i really don’t know how non-gardeners survive winters. because just when the cold has about choked the life out of you, it’s time to start your seedlings! or, if you are like me, it’s also time to start your detailed garden map, time chart, seed logs, and care notes. a 10×10 foot plot seems like an acre in theory to me and i always overdo it but, hey. last season was an incredible flop on account of an infant but now that infant will be more mobile, durable, and not so sensitive to the sun so i have high hopes of near-daily trips to our plot.


since edith was born at the outset of that glorious season, my love for springtime has grown incredibly. she will always be synonymous to me with the warming of the air, the sight of sprouts cracking open the bare earth, and blooms peeking out of tree branches. we took so many walks waiting for her to come and so many more once she was born – everything exponentially more brilliant than ever before. she got to come help us plant when she was just a few days old and dutifully endured being covered in dirt bi-weekly thereafter. she has always been so patient with us and i suppose it makes sense as she cooked in-womb throughout the winter and entered the world just as it was slowly waking up.

i’m very much looking forward to growing together this season.

soon and very soon.



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