a quick recap over previous posts made me realize that i talk a lot about sleeping. in order to convince you all that i really don’t live like grandpa josephine and grandpa joe (really, i talk about sleeping so much because i do so little of it most of the time) i’ve decided to show you all what has been going on around here. this, unfortunately will be rather limited in scope because we are terrible at remembering that we own a camera.

so, a list of the things that we have been doing that were also, incidentally, caught on film:

1. growing things/killing things

but mostly, thank God, growing things. we’ve been slowly but surely transporting the little seedlings that survived my attempts to micromanage their nutrients to the garden. the weather has, as most chicagoans can attest, been absolutely bonkers and shell-shocked nearly everything i planted but i’m keeping hope alive that we will have lots to put in our mouths and our vases soon enough.

2. mark ran and then swam

he ran a half marathon, that is, on the hottest day of the year. i sat at the finish line, watched someone collapse and die, and then proceeded to wait in a fit of anxiety for him to come running through. it was…not the best of days but i was proud of him for finishing. we also found new gratitude for the frigid lake temperatures.

3. we went to pittsburgh!

this was a highlight. our dear friends, danny and kim, bought and completely renovated an old row house and so we went to admire their domestic glory and hard work.

danny ponders how great his house is

we celebrated their recent move-in by cooking many, many ridiculously good meals in their awesome kitchen.

they were also so kind as to let us get in on the home-renovation fun. it turns out that my fear of heights and inherent clumsiness render me pretty useless in matters such as these, but eventually they got me settled painting baseboards while mark fell in love with shop-vacs and ladders.

and we rounded out the weekend gardening in their lovely city plot. kim spent the last year creating a garden exhibit at the children’s museum which was tremendously inspiring to see. she has the greenest thumb known to humankind and it was lots of fun to help her work on her own little plot after so many weeks devoted to the beds at the children’s museum.

we secretly want to move to pittsburgh, it’s true. maybe someday.

as for unpictured matters around here…

work has been wild and pretty good. i’ve been going to lots of trainings and getting rad certifications in things like infant massage. this, coupled with the minor breakthroughs i have been experiencing with co-workers and teens, embeds a sense of gratitude and awe even deeper in my heart. my responsibility is going to expand a lot in the next few weeks (beginning, namely, with the intake of my very first client tomorrow) and i’m working hard to swallow up whatever resident anxiety i have about things and just BE CONFIDENT. that’s the name of the game right now: confidence. do i have any? no. does anybody know that? i sure as hell hope not.

along with all of this, we’ve generally plunged ourselves into the spirit of summer despite the bipolar weather, spending lots of time riding bikes, eating outside with friends and family, and being near the water or in the water. i took advantage of mark being away today by spending 3 hours weeding the communal plots at the garden and it was all sorts of lovely. next time i’m going to follow suit with the rest of the gardeners and bring my own beer. our master gardener told me about a fellow he caught lounging on his belly weeding with a glass of wine in one hand and this image has given me all sorts of fantastic ideas about how to introduce comfort and intoxication into the garden.

so, yes, as always there has been a lot going on, a lot of GOOD going on.

there has also been a lot of weird going on, such as me having to go to what turned out to be a nude korean spa with all my co-workers but that is a story for another day, available upon request.