the freshness of my reality

September 23, 2010

i know, i know. its been awhile. but life has been moving! quickly, at that! and i’ve been quite too dizzy from it all to be expected to tack it down with words.

the honest motivation for today’s post was the opportunity to brag to you, fine readers, that i can finally die happy. my heart is swollen like a helium balloon swimming toward heaven and i have had to work hard to suppress the rogue smile that randomly seizes my face today. there is a general sense of elation vibrating in my being and it is all because…

…i met gerard depardieu last night. yes, THAT gerard depardieu.

it was a complete surprise, actually. a friend and i went to see a gerard depardieu movie (‘the last metro’ – which was shown at the alliance francaise, where movie ticket prices include a glass of french wine or champagne) and rumors started running through the crowd about a “special guest” coming. sure enough, halfway through the pre-movie lecture in bursts a very rotund gerard depardieu, laughing and joking in french-english (heavy on the french) about the influence of american cinema and what it was like working with catherine denueve. his face was a projection screen of all his beautiful roles and his being was so hearty and so damn french. he was delightful. it was delightful. i am all full of delight over it. this gives me 2 degrees of separation from truffaut and 0 degrees of separation from gerard depardieu, my most favorite of actors. life is good.

i’m even working on a haiku about it. which i guess doesn’t import too much to the siginificance of the experience because i’ve been writing lots of haikus lately. one involved the phrase “slap a bitch” and another is about the invention of the lightbulb so my current poetic enterprise lacks sophistication, to be sure.

i devolve.

but i am happy.

the week is dragging on but the weekend is beginning to step in. tonight our dear friends from pittsburgh swing into the city, followed a few hours later by mark’s mom and her boyfriend. last night i worked until 1am doing ‘crazy pre-mother-in-law’ cleaning, as mark likes to call it. or ‘cleaning all the things no one actually cleans’. we decided i will write a book about it for other neurotic young wives. it will be a best seller (mostly for it’s clever implementation of haikus as learning aides) and we will become rich and move to france, to live right next door to gerard depardieu until his dying days.

 the end.